Web Design

As the words imply, website design or web design is the design of a site displayed on the web. Stoker:Studio define website design as the planning, designing, production and implementation of an online profile (or shop front) for an individual or company. This profile include a collection of content to attract an inform visitors. Websites generally include: text describing the company or services, images, documents, downloads and applications. Functionality is build into websites to make it easier for the visitor to find information and start doing business online.

In the past the owner of a business managed the business and could keep client relations in top shape. Today the world relies on virtual media and therefore it is essential for all companies to have an online presence. Your website is the shop front for potential clients and based on their experience they gained from interacting with the site they will choose to become your customer or not. Online communication has become a vital tool for marketing. With the correct web presence you can turn visitors into customers and away from your competitors.

Stoker:Studio would like to help you establish an unparalleled presence for yourself or your company, ensuring that with effective online marketing – visitors will become customers.